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Our core services

We provide five core services, each focussed on a particular element of the decision-strategy cycle:

  • For clients facing complex problems requiring a decision, and lacking the time, objectivity or processes to reach one, we provide Decision Analysis and Support.
  • For clients who have reached a decision but wish to explore the associated risks and consequences before implementation, we provide ‘Red Teaming, Decision Testing and Gaming.
  • For clients who need to change or improve something – market share, performance, reputation, risk, operating model etc – but are unsure how to ‘balance’ the many decisions associated with doing so, we provide Strategy Decision Development.
  • For clients who seek to embed better decision making in their organisation – overcoming bias, resistance to change, barriers to implementation etc – we offer a Maximising Decision Performance service.
  • For clients whose decisions or strategy are challenged by an emerging crisis, and wish to restore stability and decrease risk, we offer Crisis Decision Support.

“The strategy-balance framework”

Developing a strategy requires a series of decisions to be made, each of which must remain in balance for the strategy to be successful. Decision Praxis has developed its own 10 step framework to guide the maintenance of this balance, ensuring that optimal change is achieved and, if necessary, crises averted or managed.