Helping you to make successful decisions

Who we are

We are a community of experts in the practice of successful decision making, and we specialise in decision analysis and testing, strategy development and crisis planning.

We have many years of experience in bringing together the psychology and practice of decision making to allow you to:

  • Think differently
  • Generate context-specific and evidence-based solutions
  • Explore and understand the bias humans naturally introduce to decision making
  • Have confidence that you are able to make optimal decisions.

Decision Praxis

This is Decision Praxis – one of the keys to achieving successful change. By investing in our proven expertise you are ensuring:

  • Your decisions will be as accurate and optimal as they can be
  • That your strategy end point is practically achievable
  • You are prepared for the unwanted and unexpected challenges that will emerge as you move towards it.
Our services

What we do

  • We help executives, senior managers, directors, board members and trustees of large and small organisations, across all sectors, to achieve their change-related goals, in both business-as-usual and crisis situations.
  • We work with you to analyse the decision-making context, identify problem types, challenge assumptions, determine the appropriate problem solving techniques, test options, and make the decisions necessary to develop a balanced strategy.
  • When your strategy is up and running, we can also provide support to its governance (i.e. monitoring and direction) and continuous improvement.
  • And if a crisis pushes your strategy away from where it should be taking you, we can help you make the decisions necessary to get it back on track.

Our approach is simple

  • We are not typical consultants, we prefer to consider ourselves ‘decision partners’.
  • We do not pretend to be experts in your field, nor will we make decisions on your behalf. Rather, we will bring together your experience and our expertise to help you make optimal decisions, at the most appropriate time.
  • We collaborate with you to identify the right questions to ask, the key issues to be decided, and the right techniques to help you do so. We assure your objectivity to ensure your decisions are correctly developed.
  • And we do not have a ready-made ‘play book’ of off-the-shelf solutions, our approach is always specifically tailored to client needs.